Breaking the Cycle of Poverty, One Community at a Time Providing Spiritual & Physical Help for the People of Malawi

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How We Got Started

Our Malawi Mission

After visiting the Southeastern African country of Malawi for different teaching and outreach projects, Jim Robertson couldn’t help but feel like there was more he could do to make an impact. The poverty he saw there was hard to forget. Half of Malawi’s population lives below the global poverty line, which means they’re surviving on a $1.90 or less each day.

As a result of his desire to help, the Robertson Family Foundation was formed in 2019. Our Foundation partners directly with community leaders in Malawi to help impoverished communities get the resources they need. That way they can build a better life for themselves and their families. This includes caring for the physical and spiritual needs of the poorest Malawians.

How We Effect Change

How We Effect Change

We distribute bibles and give pastoral support in reaching Malawian people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

meeting physical needs for the people of malawi

We feed and clothe the people of Malawi.

meeting educational needs for the people of malawi

We started a preschool program, literacy classes, and support the children while attending high school.


How We’re Doing

Our Christian Outreach Goals

We’ve provided a preschool program for 70 children, literacy classes for all ages, and support the children while attending high school. The Foundation also supports the work of twenty-two Malawian pastors and the spiritual work they’re doing to care for their communities. Our goal is to see our impact spread from one community to the next so that everyone there has a chance to build the safe, happy, and healthy life they deserve.

How You Can Help

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If you would like to share the love of Jesus by providing food, clothing, shelter, and educational guidance to the Malawi communities we minister to, please learn more about our giving and sponsorship opportunities – and together we can make a difference toward personal sustainability!

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